The ‘oh no, everyone’s watching’ dance.

So what's your favourite sloppy one, then?  What would you…
September 9, 2008/by English Mum

The heady scent of romance

So our anniversary, then.  I knew something was afoot as I told…
September 6, 2008/by English Mum

Gardening news, steaks, potato wedges and rhubarb crumble

So I've had ups and downs with my first year of vegetable patch…
September 3, 2008/by English Mum

In which I get very cross at The Cross

So it's all change here at English Towers, then.  September…
September 2, 2008/by English Mum

EM’s Book(ish) Club: Our September Book

Righto, then.  Our book for September: the most votes went…
September 1, 2008/by English Mum

Cheese Bread Wedges

What is it about Heinz tinned soups?  They're actually pretty…
April 12, 2008/by English Mum

Chicken, mushroom and bacon risotto

So we were all in need of a bit of comfort food last night. …
March 22, 2008/by English Mum

About English Mum

If you've just arrived - welcome!  Read on to find out a little…

Mini Fruit Soda Breads

So we've got a house-load this weekend. Me Mam's over with…
October 28, 2007/by English Mum

Proper Irish Brown Bread

Now I'll confess I have a tendency to fiddle with recipes.…
October 20, 2007/by English Mum

Tamarind Chicken Noodles

So you'll like this one. Hubby, being a bit weird, can't eat…
October 1, 2007/by English Mum


'Mornin' Paddy!'
July 31, 2006/by English Mum

Hello World!

Well, I can't quite believe I'm going to do this, but it was…
July 31, 2006/by English Mum

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