The Friday photo(s): The spice market at the Bastakiya, Dubai

I so wish there was some wizardy technology that could have captured…
June 10, 2011/by English Mum

An Arabian evening: lemon and mint cocktails, hummus and Arabic Chicken Machboos

Lemon and mint cocktail
On our amazing trip to Dubai, we were…
June 8, 2011/by English Mum

Review: My Daddy Cooks by Nick Coffer

Now first of all I'll admit that I'm slightly biased here as…
June 7, 2011/by English Mum

16 sleeps…

I've taken to annoying English Dad by sending him a nightly…
June 4, 2011/by English Mum

A visit to my Yeo Valley chums and the organic garden at Holt Farm, Somerset

So after a very silly evening spent avoiding the wrath of the…
June 3, 2011/by English Mum

Wikio’s Top 20 UK gastronomy blogs

Wikio have offered me a little sneaky peak at their Top 20 Gastronomy…
June 1, 2011/by English Mum

English Mum’s big bakeoff – the entries

Wow.  There's been such a massive response to this latest bakeoff…
June 1, 2011/by English Mum

In which our hero discovers that Dubai is great for family holidays (and wants to go back)

So Dubai, then.  What springs to mind when you think of…
May 20, 2011/by English Mum

Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide to Easter

So my lovely gorgeous friend Helen, wine expert, International…
April 22, 2011/by English Mum

Plains, trains and automobiles

Well, we're finally home.  Our total journey went something…
March 3, 2011/by English Mum

Ben’s 24 hour slow roasted pork

Fellow blogger and tweeter, Ben, from Mutterings of a Fool was…
January 7, 2011/by English Mum

How do I cook the turkey? English Mum’s easy peasy guide to Christmas dinner

Soooo here comes the big day!  There's just the four…
December 22, 2010/by English Mum

Indian spiced courgette fritters (pakoras)

One of my favourite recipe books is a very old and slightly…
July 19, 2010/by English Mum

Chicken dhansak (spicy chicken and lentil stew)

Every time we have a takeaway from the local Indian Restaurant,…
January 22, 2010/by English Mum

Advertising and competitions

Competition terms and conditions

English Mum often runs competitions,…


Something to say?
Leave a comment or drop me a line via the…

Disney parks part deux: Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom

Onwards and upwards, then, the ovenbus led us merrily on to…
May 27, 2009/by English Mum

Disney parks part 1: Typhoon Lagoon and Downtown Disney

So diverting my attention from the food for a moment, I thought…
May 17, 2009/by English Mum

Walt Disney World: Day three – pancake mountains and speechless bloggers

Okly dokly then.  Back to Disney, where day 3 dawned bright…
May 10, 2009/by English Mum

Oh Mickey you’re so fine….

So there we were.  Fresh from the V-lounge at Gatwick where…
May 4, 2009/by English Mum

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