Knackered Mother’s Wine Guide to Easter

So my lovely gorgeous friend Helen, wine expert, International…
April 22, 2011/by English Mum

Plains, trains and automobiles

Well, we're finally home.  Our total journey went something…
March 3, 2011/by English Mum

Ben’s 24 hour slow roasted pork

Fellow blogger and tweeter, Ben, from Mutterings of a Fool was…
January 7, 2011/by English Mum

How do I cook the turkey? English Mum’s easy peasy guide to Christmas dinner

Soooo here comes the big day!  There's just the four…
December 22, 2010/by English Mum

Indian spiced courgette fritters (pakoras)

One of my favourite recipe books is a very old and slightly…
July 19, 2010/by English Mum

Chicken dhansak (spicy chicken and lentil stew)

Every time we have a takeaway from the local Indian Restaurant,…
January 22, 2010/by English Mum

Advertising and competitions

Competition terms and conditions

English Mum often runs competitions,…


Something to say?
Leave a comment or drop me a line via the…

Disney parks part deux: Hollywood Studios and the Magic Kingdom

Onwards and upwards, then, the ovenbus led us merrily on to…
May 27, 2009/by English Mum

Disney parks part 1: Typhoon Lagoon and Downtown Disney

So diverting my attention from the food for a moment, I thought…
May 17, 2009/by English Mum

Walt Disney World: Day three – pancake mountains and speechless bloggers

Okly dokly then.  Back to Disney, where day 3 dawned bright…
May 10, 2009/by English Mum

Oh Mickey you’re so fine….

So there we were.  Fresh from the V-lounge at Gatwick where…
May 4, 2009/by English Mum

It’s beginning to look a lot like Kitschmas

  So being a bit of an Ebay-addicted household, lovely Ciaran…
December 7, 2008/by English Mum

Moon and Mrs M’s Wedding: belly laughs and happy tears

Firstly can I just say that I hate Ryanair?  Hate, hate,…
September 29, 2008/by English Mum

The Friday Photo: Life’s too short to die from mushroom poisoning

Okay, so I apologise for the really long, tenuously linked…
September 26, 2008/by English Mum

Fun with teenagers

So for some reason #1 has a random day off school.  This…
September 23, 2008/by English Mum

In which I find fashion advice down the boat road

So it's beautiful today - sunny and warm, and the fields…
September 20, 2008/by English Mum

The Friday Photo: Pornobert, part deux

Just when you thought it was safe to go back on the sofa... …
September 19, 2008/by English Mum

Are you the next Mr Kipling?

So the lovely people at RTÉ have asked me to tell you all…
September 14, 2008/by English Mum

The Friday Photo: in which Bert models an Aussie original

So having a leggy blonde model in the house would, you would…
September 12, 2008/by English Mum

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