It’s not you, it’s me: five reasons why woman should shop alone

One thing about being back in the same country together after…
July 10, 2011/by English Mum

Pork loin roasted with apricot and sage (with Jimmy’s free range rare breed pork)

Fellow guest at Jimmy's Farm, the lovely Marie from food…
July 8, 2011/by English Mum

A visit to Jimmy’s farm and the ‘Put Pork on your Fork’ campaign

I'm going to try not to gush here.

Ah sod it, I'm gushing:…
July 5, 2011/by English Mum

Review: The Thistle Hotel, Kensington Gardens

So last weekend, we were lucky enough to be offered a hotel…
July 5, 2011/by English Mum

The SEAT Young Driver Experience and Goodwood Festival of Speed

So Saturday saw me up really bright and early driving two…
July 3, 2011/by English Mum

‘Rebecca has persevered with her towelling robe’. My school report.

My Mum was cleaning out a cupboard recently and found my…
July 1, 2011/by English Mum

The June roundup: this month I have been loving…

I'm a lucky old bunny.  I get sent all sorts of stuff to try…
June 29, 2011/by English Mum

Hugs, dinner, Waitrose, oh and prawn and courgette pasta with fresh peas

So we're home, then.

The last few days have been a bit…
June 28, 2011/by English Mum

Dear Mr Avis… a letter from Cybermummy 2011

Dear Mr Avis

It's me, English Mum.

Remember me?  I'm…
June 26, 2011/by English Mum

Review: Seabrook ‘goodbye salt, hello flavour’ crisps

We're big into snacking.  I am, however, aware that an awful…
June 24, 2011/by English Mum

Goodbye Dublin…

And the bare bones of a fanlight
Over a hungry door
And the…
June 23, 2011/by English Mum

Teenagers and exams: five bits of crap advice and one quite good one

Okay, first up with the crap advice then:

1. For some…
June 20, 2011/by English Mum

Thanks Dad

For all the things you've given me:

A good example.

A hideously…
June 19, 2011/by English Mum

Review: GOSH Extreme Art eyeliners

I'm a tad cack handed.

Wait, who am I kidding?  That's…
June 17, 2011/by English Mum

How to make a cake: a step by step guide

Everything you need to know about how to make a cake:…
June 17, 2011/by English Mum

Going home: things I’m looking forward to.

The packing isn't going well.  I keep having mad panics and…
June 15, 2011/by English Mum

Review: Prepped by Vanessa Kimbell

Regular readers (well, the ones without early-onset Alzheimers,…
June 14, 2011/by English Mum

English Mum’s Big Bakeoff: and the winner is…


Lisa Brown's utterly gorgeous Owl and the Pussycat…
June 13, 2011/by English Mum

The best topping for toast is…

Mmmm banana, honey, brown sugar and maybe a touch of cinnamon.…
June 11, 2011/by English Mum

The AirAsia British Grand Prix 2011

The Death Wish Dude is MAD about motorbikes. It must be something…
June 10, 2011/by English Mum

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