Slow cooked leek and tomato pasta sauce: versatile and sneakily healthy

I've been writing on Ready for Ten recently (I would link…
September 12, 2011/by English Mum

Settling in with some honey and buttermilk no yeast, no rise brown bread

So I've been reading up on our new abode (I know I should…
September 10, 2011/by English Mum

Welcome to New New English Towers

Okay, so we're going to have to work on the name, but we're in!…
September 7, 2011/by English Mum

Dreaming of Autumn already?

Is it wrong, when I'm sitting here typing in a pair of shorts…
August 26, 2011/by English Mum

Dear 18 year old me. ‘Six cocktails do not make you more attractive’ and other gems

Ages ago... years ago, in fact, my lovely friend Jenny wrote…
August 23, 2011/by English Mum

Foodie news: what’s new?

The East India Company

I think I'll start my 'what's new'…
August 23, 2011/by English Mum

Time to buy a house? Or time to run away screaming…?

So back here in the UK, we're squatting, somewhat ridiculously,…
August 21, 2011/by English Mum

More Xbox fun at Gamescom 11, Kinect Sports Series 2… and some new friends!

So actual Gamescom (well the press preview day) was on the Wednesday…
August 20, 2011/by English Mum

The Xbox Playday – trying out what’s new for Xbox at Gamescom 11

So dawn on Monday saw a rare glimpse of the Englishes.  Bleary…
August 19, 2011/by English Mum

Enter your best travel tips and win a Lonely Planet guide book with

August 12, 2011/by English Mum

Tesco Magazine Mum of the Year 2012 – do your bit!

The fabulous Tesco Magazine Mum of the Year awards will be…
August 8, 2011/by English Mum

Review: breakfast at The Akeman, Tring

With their latest Costa-bashing adverts (placed cheekily opposite…
August 6, 2011/by English Mum

The Friday photo: a visit to the Pick Your Own farm

August 5, 2011/by English Mum

My radio experience with Gatwick Airport – with a little help from Twitter

Travelling with children is pretty stressful.  Need I even mention…
August 4, 2011/by English Mum

Fresh mint and dark chocolate ice cream with the Cuisinart Ice Cream Deluxe

I've always wanted an ice cream maker. It's one of those…
August 3, 2011/by English Mum

Disreputable apple crumble

My Disreputable Dad is back from his holidays.  Bronzed…
August 1, 2011/by English Mum

Review: The Essex Arms, Watford

I love Watford. Well, I love the mahoosive shopping centre,…
July 30, 2011/by English Mum

One year to go until London 2012: my trip to the Olympic park

So yesterday, Mr English and I embarked on a little trip. I…
July 29, 2011/by English Mum

How to roast a chicken (with a lemon up its bum) step by step

So we've trifled with titles: roast lemon chicken, poulet…
July 26, 2011/by English Mum

Proud parenting moments: the job interview

I know, I know... I hate those 'my children are fabulous' articles…
July 25, 2011/by English Mum

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