WIN a £300 new bed from Time4Sleep!

The Ninja Cat of Death has been up to her usual tricks again.  This time, it’s the corner of our rather lovely leather headboard that’s taken the brunt of her aggression.  She’s often to be found perched on the headboard at a jaunty angle – it gives her a good view of her kingdom and she can spot approaching humans in time to ambush them as they come in the room.

Anyhoo enough of my woes.  Whether or not you’ve got a hideous destructive dictator of a cat, or maybe you’ve got a little one who’s outgrowing their cot and ready for their first proper bed, or indeed whether you’re just due a new bed (you’re supposed to have a new mattress every five years or so, apparently), I’ve got a £300 voucher to give away from Time4sleep.

If you don’t need a new bed, don’t despair, there are all sorts of lovely accessories, or if you want to add to your voucher and spend a bit more, that’s fine too (they’ve got a gorgeous double dark wood sleigh bed in the sale for £349).

For what it’s worth, if I won, I would spend my voucher on this gorgeous king size Como metal bed frame:

…but I’m not allowed to enter.  Boo.

To enter, just leave a comment telling me what you’d spend your voucher on.  Oh and if you’re a new commenter, don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear straight away – it will need to be approved by me first.

The small print: this competition will end at midnight on 30th October 2012.  The winner will be chosen by Time4Sleep after this date and will receive a £300 voucher to spend online at UK only. The judge’s decision is final. No cash alternative.


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  1. Fleur
    Fleur says:

    wow! just what I’m after, a new bed!
    Running out of space at home, and planning to move into the roof.
    We will be all out of money getting a loft conversion done, so would be amazing to win!
    Love them all, especially one large enough to get all the family in on the weekends.

  2. Paula
    Paula says:

    If I were to win this excellent comp
    There’d only be one thing I’m seeking
    A marital bed, that won’t wake my boys
    With it’s rhythmic, continual squeaking!

  3. Tamsin Clark
    Tamsin Clark says:

    We are desperate for a new bed, ours creaks terribly ;-) it’d have to be a kingsize as our double is just nowhere near big enough for our Saturday morning family snuggles now that Amy is 6 and we have James too! Its amazing how much room small children take up…

  4. Lesley Boyce
    Lesley Boyce says:

    I would definitely buy a new bed. I have been single for sooo long. Maybe a fabulous new bed would bring me some luck in the lurve stakes. So c’mon time4sleep, help an unlucky in love girl out with some new bed karma :-D x

  5. Adam
    Adam says:

    When I get my new house near Manchester I shall need a bed ! and the one shown in the picture is very very tempting ….

  6. Holly
    Holly says:

    I would order a new bed, I spent all of my money on a memory foam mattress. Must. Learn. To. Think. Ahead.

  7. Taffy's Mum
    Taffy's Mum says:

    I need a bigger bed so that there is room for me to sleep alongside William the Greyhound (that is until he starts racing in his sleep then I can kick him off and sleep like a starfish the rest of the night!)

  8. Kelloggsville
    Kelloggsville says:

    Oh a new mattress definitely. My current memory foam had an imprint in it equivalent to a cartoon body having jumped off a building leaving the body print in the pavement.

  9. Alice Little
    Alice Little says:

    I don’t think I can better your choice actually – I have to have metal, so as not to tempt the cats and the Como is the most elegant (in my mind) on Time4Sleep.

    (Though, oh my, I have to say that a day bed has always appealed…)

  10. DeliciousNessy
    DeliciousNessy says:

    Oooooh, it would be a hard choice whether to get J and I a new bed or a new bed for the boy. Hmmmmmm!
    In saying that, I actually reckon that Sandra Owen above may deserve a new bed more than anyone!

  11. Erica
    Erica says:

    We’ve been looking at double beds for Erin for the new house – the ones we’ve been looking at are very similar to the pic above.

  12. Kara
    Kara says:

    I would get my boys a nice sturdy set of bunk beds so they have more floor space to play in their bedroom!

  13. Catherine
    Catherine says:

    As my 15 month old has just discovered to hurl himself out of his cot and we desperately need to get him a proper bed I would choose this lovely bunkbed

    The bunk bed would be really useful as I am pregnant with number two so once that baba outgrows the cot he or she can move into a big bed straight away. I also love how the bunk bed can split down into two individual beds, a safer option until eldest is big enough to sleep in the top bunk!

  14. Rebecca Powell
    Rebecca Powell says:

    I’d spend it on a new bed for me and my partner – we’ve had our current one for 12 years and it’s witnessed the birth of three kids so definitely time for a new one!

  15. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    If I won I would buy the beautiful bed pictured… To go with my new decor with a marylin Monroe theme ( if it ever gets done! ) a new bed would spur on the decorating activity ;) xx

  16. Jane Alexander
    Jane Alexander says:

    The sleigh bed…absolutely and definitely. Why?
    Firstly, because my present bed undulates unnervingly – and no, it’s not a water bed. :(

    Secondly, were I to win, the new bed would have a starring role in my new novel. Cos, see, my protagonist has a sleigh bed – and, needless to say, has all kinds of adventures in it.

    My problem, right now, is that I can’t keep going off to bed shops for research. Having one in my own bedroom would be exceedingly handy – and it would, of course, have a fullsome credit in the acknowledgements… :)

  17. Jayne
    Jayne says:

    We’ve actually just recently bought a new bed, but we’ve got no other bedroom furniture which matches it yet, so I think I’d go for the Versailles French Style Oak dressing table, which would look lovely in my room and finally give me somewhere to sit and do my hair and make up!

  18. Jen Price
    Jen Price says:

    If I won I’d spend the money on a new bed for me and my boyfriend. We bought a second hand bed off his sister when we moved into an unfurnished house last year but it desperately needs replacing as it wasn’t in brilliant shape to start with.

  19. Nicola Richardson
    Nicola Richardson says:

    I’d love to get my two littlest monkeys a new set of Bunk Beds as the set they are in now are over 15 years old and are tired and old looking.
    The difficulty would be which set to choose they have some fabulous bunks on the time4sleep website !

  20. Sarah Cording
    Sarah Cording says:

    I would loooove the metal frame bed looks so cosy and would suit my little house to a tee! Talking of tea, it time for a cuppa : )

  21. Sandra Owen
    Sandra Owen says:

    If I won I would definitely spend the voucher on a new bed as the one I have now is the one I shared with my husband until he left me for one of my ‘friends’ a month before our 23rd wedding anniversary.

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