The new ‘Piccolo’ menu at Pizza Express

Pizza Express piccolo menu

As a rule, I’m not a fan of childrens’ menus.  For me, they conjure up everything that’s wrong about eating out with children in this country, where the adults are all eating lovely, fresh food, and the kids are offered chips, nuggets and sausages.

However, generally the Italians tend to do things better, so when I was invited along to Pizza Express to take a look at their new piccolo menu I wasn’t at all surprised to see smaller sized versions of regular menu items, along with a very grown up ‘bambinoccino’ to end the meal so they can sip from their little espresso cup just like the adults!

We thought that the piccolo menu was terrifically good value.  At our local Pizza Express, it’s just £6.50 for a starter, main, side salad, dessert and bambinoccino.  The starter is a small portion of dough balls with garlic butter, with a fresh little salad of red pepper, tomato and cucumber (there’s no other starter choice though, which is a shame).  There’s plenty of choice for mains, though: pasta with a variety of different toppings, plus a good selection of pizzas, all with the flexibility to take out what the kids don’t like and add what they do – a bonus for those with picky eaters!  You also have the choice of upgrading to a slightly bigger pizza for an extra £1.

Desserts are a strong point at Pizza Express and the piccolo menu doesn’t disappoint, with the mini version of their delicious chocolate fudge cake, or ice cream/sorbet with a choice of sauce and a cone. There’s also the brilliant option of having the whole menu gluten free, including a brownie for dessert.

Our verdict?  Proper Pizza Express food at a very reasonable price.  Impressive.

Thanks to Pizza Express for inviting us along to try the range.

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  1. Helen at Casa costello
    Helen at Casa costello says:

    Hurrah! At last restaurants are realising that children don’t want all that stodge too. After 11 years of parenting I’m sick to death of going places for the nugget/chips combination. Red pepper salad sounds perfect.

    • English Mum
      English Mum says:

      Exactly this, Helen! It was almost a relief when mine got old enough to choose from the ‘proper’ menu. Why they think our kids want to eat that crap is beyond me!


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