The Great Valentine’s Day Cupcake Challenge: the results

UPDATE: Okay, so the results are in.  And yes, I know, I know, this is just a bit of fun, not a competition, but Toria has chosen her faves:

1st Heather’s from Eggs, Cream and Honey.  They look mouthwateringly gorgeous and I want to stuff my face with them! Yum

2nd Mummy Limited’s heart cupcakes. Loving the sparkliness with the glitter and hearts that look fab on the cream frosting. Too pretty to eat so that’s why 2nd

3rd Rosie Scribble’s cupcakes for their drizzley randomness and nowt to do with the subliminal cakes. Promise ;)


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Romance is alive and well at English Towers this morning and after swearing blind that we weren’t going to do anything for V-day, I was woken from my slumber with a kiss and an armful of beautiful rosebuds.

On to the challenge then.  Luckily, my beautiful mate V from Scrummy Cupcake has volunteered to judge.  I’ll keep adding them on as fast as I can so you can see every single entry.  Apologies for the differing sizes, but if you try and enlarge the smaller ones, they just get all distorted.  Let’s roll ‘em out then…

First up, we have Amy Lane’s beautiful Valentine’s cupcakes:

Jelly Monster’s gorgeous red velvet cupcakes with marshmallow cream cheese frosting:

Drina’s cute pink little cupcakes:

2nd (too good to eat)!!!: 

Mummy Limited’s fabulous heart cupcakes:

Working Mum on the Verge’s frankly stunning cupcakes made for Bloggers for Haiti (she raised £100!):

Special prize for being the youngest competitor!: 

Little Miss Working Mum on the Verge’s beauties too:

Knackered Mother is next with her beautifully decorated little babies (I’ve got my eye on the marshmallow ones at the back):

Snaffles Mummy added Lovehearts – perfect!:

Tara at Sticky Fingers made these stunning cupcakes with her daughter:

And so did Rosie Scribble:

and here’s Madame Scribble’s less than subtle attempt at subliminal messaging for the judge:


And here are Heather’s from Eggs Cream and Honey – I love the texture on these :

There are from Hannah at HomeBaked online (whose red velvet cupcakes were much redder than mine!):

and here are Not such a yummy mummy’s beautiful bunch of cupcakes:

And here are Jo’s stunning pink cupcakes (no boob jokes, Jo, I promise):

and these gorgeously coloured cupcakes are from Lucy over at Teen Baker:

and these heart-shaped beauties are from Erica at Little Mummy:

These are from Me, The Man and The Baby (I love that your hubby thought you’d cut yourself!):

And these are from fellow Disney blogger and all-round good egg, Exmoor Jane (I want some of that food colouring stash you’re hiding!):

These are from Helen (@ChepstowCupcake) via Twitter:

These lovelies are from Audrey, c/o

And these gorgeous sparkly heart-adorned babies are from Little Dude’s Mummy:

And this enormous great beauty is from the incredibly talented daughter of Toyjeanius:

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    • English Mum
      English Mum says:

      Awww mate – delighted for you and Mrs M! If it’s a boy I hope you’ll be calling it Bert after your favourite boy!! (and if it’s a girl I won’t make you call it Tetley, don’t worry) xx

  1. Mummylimited
    Mummylimited says:

    Thanks scrummycupcake. Is it wrong that I’m dead chuffed to be second! I can assure you that although they were pretty I managed to eat them!
    I loved Heather’s too. They just make you want to sink you teeth into them.

  2. Emily O
    Emily O says:

    These are brilliant, I’m so bloody hopeless at baking there was no way I could have entered. Could you have a rubbish cupcake competition? I’d be a close contender to win that. Oh well, I’m good at lots of other things *ponders*

  3. Grandma
    Grandma says:

    Yay!! They were my No 1 too! Jelly Monster’s looked soooo good as well though….and Working Mum’s daughter’s entry brilliant – she has a great cooking future ahead! They all deserved a prize though….

    • English Mum
      English Mum says:

      Poor Jelly Monster is apparently devastated and has retired to a quite corner with her blankie for a little sob. Mind you, Maxi told me that, so it could be a load of arse…x

  4. Scrummycupcake
    Scrummycupcake says:

    Ok when do I get to pick the winning one? Am amazed they didn’t all get eaten before the pics lol they all look scrumptious :)

  5. Coastal Aussie
    Coastal Aussie says:

    They’re all gorgeous little, yummy looking, artistic masterpieces!! Everyone should be very proud of their efforts. It’ll be so tough to judge them. Good luck to all participants and to English Mum and Scrummy Cupcake !! :)


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