The cocktail update: the perfect Bloody Mary

I’ve noticed that I’ve been a bit remiss with the cocktails of late.  And well, you know me, it’s not because I’ve not been DRINKING them, oh no, it’s just because I usually drink too many and then forget to take a photo!

The perfect Bloody Mary

The perfect Bloody Mary

This particular Bloody Mary (left) was served to my friend Laura and I at the Cassis American Brassierie in St Pete’s, Florida.

It came on the morning after the night before which featured far too many Lycheetinis, some very bad karaoke and a 3am finish.  Followed by a very fuzzy 7am start.

Reader, we were hanging.

Happily, the Cassis came to our aid and medicated us back to reality with this incredible glass of hair of the dog.  Plus a big huge durty burger about the size of our heads.  They also provided oysters. They didn’t go down quite as well.

The Perfect Blooody Mary

The best Bloody Marys are strong.  I”m talking 1/3 vodka to 2/3 tomato juice strong, but if you like, you can tone it down.

Start with a full cup of ice, pour over the vodka (any old vodka will do but if you can find Absolut Peppar it adds a welcome kick), then top up with tomato juice (Waitrose pressed tomato juice is good, so is V8 juice)

Then you want a nice couple of slugs of Worcestershire Sauce, and a few dashes of Tabasco for heat.  We go for about half Tabasco to Worcestershire, but adjust to taste.

Some people add horseradish but I HATE the stuff.  Feel free, though, if you’re that way inclined.

Now for the accoutrements.  You can stick any old stuff in there really: the traditional ones being sticks of celery, but olives are good too.  Maybe a wedge of lime.

Finish with a nice sprinkling of celery salt and you’re good to go.  If you’re being posh, you can freeze the glasses, then run a lime around the rim and dip them in celery salt.  But sprinkling is fine too.  Serve, preferably with a huge plate of bacon and eggs, maybe a stack of pancakes too… but that’s just me.






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  1. Karin @ Cafe Bebe
    Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    Next time we are together, with alcohol to hand, I will make you a PROPER Bloody Mary. In my world it MUST have a pickle/gherkin. It also needs a splash of pickle juice! Celery salt yes, horseradish NO! I adore Bloody Marys. They are best served at my cottage in Northern Wisconsin whilst sitting on the pontoon, pootling around the lake. Bliss.

    Karin xx


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