The big chocolate test. I know, right? Tough job but someone’s got to do it…

Chocolate by Genevie

These chockies are hand made, obviously with great care.  There is no guide to tell you what’s what, so it’s a case of diving in.  Sam got the coffee one: ‘oh noooo! I got coffee…’ turned quickly into ‘ooh, it’s lush though – like the froth off the top of a latte’.  They would make gorgeous gifts too, presented in a really pretty gold box with a little butterfly (£16.99 for 16 chocolates)

Elizabeth Shaw

Elizabeth Shaw sent the biggest hamper of chocolates I think I’ve EVER seen to our house.  The boys fell upon it (I held back – a bit) and by tea time we all felt hideously sick…




They’ve released some yummy new additions to their chocolate crisp range : butterscotch, honeycomb, cocoa crunch and caramel in milk and dark chocolate and they’re all lush.  There were some really nice stick things (white chocolate latte flutes, to be precise) – the flavour is really lovely, and that’s coming from a coffee hater – but sorry, mint crisp will always have my heart!   They’ve got a competition running at the moment, giving away 7 boxes of chocolates a week if you’re feeling lucky:


We’re huge fans of Montezumas (and no, not just because they’re always sending us massive slabs of chocolate) and they have just brought out some great British pudding bars: the Summer Pudding one, Venezuelan milk chocolate with raspberries and blueberries, is utterly delicious but our favourite by miles is the absolutely gorgeous Lemon Meringue: Ecuador dark chocolate with lemon and meringue.  Seek it out and don’t share it with anyone.  (£2.49 for 100g bars).


Oreos (generally used in this house to make the best ice cream EVER – smash them into home made vanilla or chocolate ice cream) have just released new Oreo two biscuit snack packs.  Priced £1.79 RRP, you get ten multipacks of two in a box.

Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate

Hasslacher’s Hot Chocolate comes in a big chunky block just like normal chocolate but is actually a solid bar of drinking chocolate made from 100% Columbian cacao.  It’s a national obsession in Columbia, with 4 million bars sold every month, and is brand new in the UK.  It isn’t sweet, so you need to add a bit of sugar but it’s just the best, chocolatey hot chocolate we’ve ever tried and is great fun to make t00 (you just melt a square or two into hot milk, then whisk like a lunatic for gorgeously smooth, intensely flavoured hot chocolate).  Look out for it in M&S’s International Brands section, priced £4.99.

Cocoa Boutique

Cocoa Boutique is a luxury artisan chocolate tasting club.  Every month they send out a collection of  chocolates to try, which have been tried by a team of dedicated taste testers (you can actually get the chance to become a taste tester if you want –

You can choose to have a box every month, two months, or whatever you like.  All the chocolates are handmade by Master Chocolatiers from both the UK and all around the world.


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