Review: the new Vax Air Mini Pet compact cylinder cleaner

Vax Air Mini PetSo if you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I’m part of the Vax Voice team.  Basically I get to try out Vax products and give honest feedback about them.  This time it’s the teeny tiny Vax Air Mini.  When Vax contacted me with this one, I noticed that there was a pet version and asked if I could try it.  The Ninja Cat of Death has fluffy white fur which sticks TO EVERYTHING and I thought this might help.

First impressions were favourable: it’s light, compact and pretty small as well as being quite funky looking with the aqua coloured tubey things in the top of the clear cylinder.  I took it upstairs for a test drive.

My carpets are quite pale in colour and I worry about the edges looking darker.  I love my big upright Vax but it doesn’t clean right to the edges, so every so often I use the nozzle to clean all around the skirting boards.  This little beast really impressed me.  The suction is amazing and the nozzle got into every little nook and cranny, leaving the edges noticeably cleaner and paler.  The little brush attachment and nozzle both fit on the hose handle so you can pop those on and off easily.  I used the brush for dusting all the electrical stuff in the boys’ rooms: Xboxes, TVs, guitars, you name it.  SO easy.

It’s really handy as you can be vacuuming away with the main floor cleaning head, then if you need to use a bit  more suction you can whip the hose out of the handle to quickly use the end of the tube, or pop on one of the attachments, then just as quickly re-attach the main cleaning head.  I whipped around the whole upstairs (using a single plug – the cord is very long) and really felt that it had had a deep clean.

I like the fact that it’s really easy to download a PDF user guide too.  I didn’t realise that the floor head and tubing can be clipped to the back of the cleaner for compact storage, but read about it in the PDF.  Helpful stuff.  You can also search the support centre if you’ve got a problem.

As for downsides, I don’t have many.  I don’t think the tubing is of the usual Vax standard, as it’s easily crushed if you accidentally stand on it or bend it and it doesn’t spring back into shape.  Also, don’t think you can get away with vacuuming around things with the nozzle.  It’s very powerful and receipts, a pen lid and a little brush used to clean someone’s electric razor were whizzed up inside the machine before I could stop them!

As I get quite a lot of Vax machines to test, I sometimes give them away after I’ve tested them. Not this one: it’ll be staying with me as my upstairs buddy.  I really do love it.

For more information on the Vax Air Mini Pet click here.

Big thanks for Vax for providing the machine for review.

For more information, check out

3 replies
  1. Christine
    Christine says:

    My experience of the Vax Air Mini pet is as follows;
    1 the cheaply made plastic hose constantly kinks and can only be described as pathetic
    2 The spring on the electric lead return is barely strong enough to gather in all of the cable
    3 Suction is no more than average

    From the glowing response given by the first reviewer, I can only assume there is a vested interest in giving a glowing report.

    • English Mum
      English Mum says:

      Hi Christine

      Thank you for your comments. As you’ll see if you read the article, I also mention that I had problems with the plastic hose in the ‘downsides’ section. I didn’t have any problem with the electric lead return, though, and I was happy with the level of suction.

      I don’t know who you mean by the ‘first reviewer’, but assuming you mean me, I had no vested interest as I get the hoover whether I love it or hate it and Vax encourage me to be honest.

  2. Clare
    Clare says:

    This sounds promising. I’m looking for a new vacuum cleaner as the old vax one I have should have been sold with industrial ear muffs! I’m hoping to find a really quiet one this time round – is this one reasonably quiet?


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