Review: the Littlewoods online shopping experience and the Philips GC3320 iron

Firstly, can I say that this review is about the online shopping experience and not about the iron – although this iron has given me so much entertainment, I’ve popped a little video at the end, just for you.

When Littlewoods asked me to give their online shop a go I was a tiny bit dubious.  I think probably because I’m remembering the Littlewoods catalogues my Mum had when I was a kid.  Now, happily, you can buy just about anything you could possibly want, and, although you can still do that thing where you pay for things weekly, you can also pay by credit card very easily.  And now, with the addition of the gorgeous Myleene fronting their adverts (check out her lingerie collection, it’s gorgeous), Littlewoods is fresh, modern, and just a little funky.  Brand-wise I was really impressed: there’s all the big guns like Coast, Lipsy and Ted Baker for the ladies and stuff like Superdry, Diesel and – my teenagers’ favourite G-Star RAW for the fellas, as well as all the usual big household brands.

It also got the boys’ vote for things like the ability to pre-order games such as Halo 4 and for good value gaming bundles too.

I purchased an iron (more of this later) and was able to pay, and chose a delivery time and date all within a couple of clicks.  I was also sent tracking information and was kept up to date with emails.  You can also reply to the emails to easily change the delivery date if it turns out it’s not convenient after all.

Delivery was very smooth and there was no waiting – the van was waiting for me on my return from the school run on the date requested. Impressive.

All in all, I came away with a completely positive experience of shopping online with Littlewoods and will definitely be back (well, now I’ve got an account it would be rude not to) to do my Christmas shopping.

And the iron?  It’s great: it has a massive 300ml water tank, a huge 3 metre cord, and is heavy enough to feel substantial whilst not breaking your wrist every time you iron a shirt.  The soleplate is pointy so it’s easy to get in between buttons on school shirts and it gives a big, hefty shot of steam when you need it.  There’s just one downside:



It is, quite simply, the loudest iron in the world.  Now I don’t really care, as its strengths outweigh  the single flaw, but if you routinely iron while you’re watching TV, or with a sleeping baby in the room?  Forget it.  WHAT? I SAID FORGET IT!

Many thanks to Littlewoods.

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