Review: Karin from Cafe Bebe heads to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s new Hullabazoo

HullabaZoo3As a Mum to two fabulous children under the age of 5, I am always looking for places where we can play, be challenged and have fun.  ZSL Whipsnade Zoo has ticked all 3 boxes with Hullabazoo Adventure Play, their brand new outdoor play area nestled in the middle of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

On Sunday, we piled into our car and drove over to ZSL Whipsnade Zoo which is just over an hour for us.  We were invited, courtesy of the lovely and talented English Mum, to preview the Hullabazoo Adventure Play.  As we approached the Hullabazoo area, which is just behind the Sea Lion enclosure, I was pleased to see some really lovely wooden towers and structures making up the play space.  In this day and age, everything seems to be primary coloured plastic and it was quite comforting to see a quality built wooden play place.

Ella took off the minute we entered Hullabazoo and headed straight for the Zip Line to have a whirl.  Sam was begging to be let out of his pushchair and proceeded to tackle every mini-hill he could find before finally attempting to climb everything his sister tried.  What I loved about Hullabazoo was that Ella (nearly 5) and Sam (18 months) could both be entertained and challenged by the various areas.  There are cargo nets, slides, bridges, ladders, a zip line, swings, a round-about, balance beams and climbing frames which are accessible to most ages (with a bit of support for the youngers).  We could have spent a long time in the Hullabazoo area had the steam engine not been beckoning!  You will be pleased to know that the Hullabazoo Adventure Play is included in the price of your entry ticket to the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo so you won’t have to pay any extra to have a zippy-good time!

Hullabazoo Adventure Play is located at the heart of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, next to the Hullabazoo Indoor Play and the Child’s Farm.  Hullabazoo is suitable for children of all ages and will be open for 364 days of the year.  Hullabazoo opens to the general public on Saturday 25 May which is just in time for the Bank Holiday Weekend!

The Café Bebe family gives ZSL Whipsnade Zoo’s Hullabazoo Adventure Play a big thumbs up.  We definitely have to return to explore the area more as I spent the entire time taking pictures and video of our visit. I didn’t even get to have a go on the zip line!

~Karin Joyce




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