Review: Boo and Boy prints

There’s nothing better than receiving a present that really makes you smile – a present that you know someone saw and thought ‘wow, that would be perfect’.  And so, I was pretty delighted to receive this:

It’s ME!  I adore it, it looks amazing in my kitchen and it makes me smile every time I look at it, which is, let’s face it, the very best thing about any present.  Mr and Mrs B helped me choose the very best colour frame to complement my kitchen and set off the print and I think we all did a darned good job.  You don’t have to have your personalised prints framed, of course, but there are so many lovely frames to choose from it seems a shame not to.

Boo & Boy is a gorgeous new website from the fabulous duo that is Mrs B&B (aka Laura, fellow blogger and one of my very best friends), and Mr B&B, aka Andy, designer of THIS VERY BLOG!  So you know that everything they do is going to be darned fantastic, creative and beautiful (not that I’m biased in any way)

Next on my wish list is the very scrummy ‘my only vice print, which, I’m thinking should say ‘cake… cheese… red wine… sunshine and… more cake’

Do yourself (and all your friends and family) a huge favour and bag some gorgeous prints for everyone.  There is nothing better, I can vouch, than signing for a beautiful, brown-paper wrapped parcel and seeing those googly Boo&Boy eyes peeking at you from one corner…

Oh wait, there is one thing better:  a special code for English Mum readers!  Just add the code: B&B/EM/10/2012 at the checkout stage and you’ll get 10% off every order plus FREE Shipping, until 31st December 2012.    Just in time to buy all your Christmas presents to show all your family and friends how much you care.  Oh, you’re welcome.

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