Proud to be supporting Team GB, but happy for every other athlete at the top of their game

We are LOVING the Olympic games – we’ve yelled at the telly, blubbed at the medal ceremonies (and those proud parents – don’t get me started) and generally got into the spirit of it.

One thing I’ve noticed that I think is excellent, is that the crowds at the venues – whilst obviously reserving their biggest cheers for Team GB- have been very supportive of all the other athletes too.  The Danish sculls gold medal winners today at Eton Dorney got a standing ovation and rapturous applause. Exactly as it should be.

I was disappointed to see a bit of anti-British feeling recently on an Irish Facebook page.  I mean, really?  Yes, there’s history, and there’ll always be people who are bitter – I remember when we lived in Ireland, we took a trip up to the greyhound stadium at Dundalk, and as we walked back to our (English number plated) car, a large group of Irish lads walked past it, one of them taking a flying kick and taking off our wing mirror (I also remember a very small Sam piping up in his very English squeaky voice: ‘Daddy! Aren’t you going to chase them?!’  Er no, mate.  Not on your nelly.)  – but we used to have slaves and put kids up chimneys too – this is the present day, let’s move on, shall we?

My Mum had a young Australian guest recently, and his dislike of ‘Poms’ was made very clear, both on his Facebook updates, and his derision whilst watching the Olympic opening ceremony, even while he was a guest in the house of those much-derided ‘Poms’.  WHY?  What’s he got against English people?  Does being proud of your own nation mean you have to hate everyone else?

I hate this kind of attitute.  Yes, I’m British, well, English, but I’ve no beef with any other country, and while I’ll be delighted if we get all the medals, I’ll be damned pleased for every other athlete who, let’s face it, has achieved more in their Olympic careers than I’m ever likely to.


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  1. Jennynib
    Jennynib says:

    The Dundalk thing aside (I didn’t know about that – little Bar Stewards!!) I certainly hope it’s not actual Anti Britishness, but only banter.

    I give Colin crap for being a Laaaaaaaaaaahndaaaaaaaaner (that’s Londoner to you) all the time and on one memorable occasion (in a British Legion bar, of all places) found myself called to account for the IRA before an Ireland vs England rugby match! FFS! I take neither very seriously, to be honest…

    I think it’s gone past actual hatred, especilly after Lizzie charmed the collective drawers off us with the sweetest spoken Irish greeting you ever heard. It’s an accepted ‘tradition’ for want of a better word, to boo the UK – it’s not sincerely meant; just craic. And when England play France (Thierry Henri Handball y’know) we all become avowed Anglophiles! Allez les Rosbifs!!

    As for me… I have been avoiding all things Olympic like the Plague – not because the UK is hosting, but because Sport in all of its forms is Evil. ;)

    • English Mum
      English Mum says:

      I’m not normally sporty, Jen, but I love it. I find generally that English people don’t feel much animosity towards anyone else, but I was shocked by the Aussie in particular – what’s the big deal?!

  2. Baby knowledge
    Baby knowledge says:

    You are absolutely right. And for those of us who have children old enough to understand, what a fantastic example the athletes are setting, each and every competitor, has had humility and pride, Something some people don’t seem to think can go together. If there is one thing I want my daughter to take from the Olympics, it is that hard work and dedication will always have its rewards.

  3. Babaduck
    Babaduck says:

    I’ve never wiped my eyes so much as in the past week. You might note that we haven’t won a medal yet, but it doesn’t stop me being excited for every other nation who has… Chad le Clos & Mo Farah being the two who made me howl.

  4. english grandma
    english grandma says:

    Well said! I’m not a great TV sports watcher but my set has hardly been off all week…and not just for the British. There have been some fantastic performances and I shout for them all, whatever nationality….and I know just what you mean about the proud parents!


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