New term, new suit, new start…

So after his devastating exam results, things were looking pretty darn dreary for Sam.  If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that he had a bit of a shocker in his AS levels, and had been told there was no funding for retakes. His choice was to leave school and retake at college, or find new subjects to study and start AS levels again.

The school have been absolutely brilliant.  After a ‘crisis meeting’, where we met the head of Sixth Form, he was eventually offered a compromise: come back to school, retake the Biology (you’ll remember that this is the exam he slept through when I was in Florida) and choose two new subjects.

Sam is bloody delighted and all of a sudden the future’s looking fabulous.  This prompted a flurry of back-to-school activity that we’d been putting off, where we rushed around looking for suits, buying Charlie new school uniform (he starts his GCSE courses tomorrow) and the ubiquitious new pens and pencils to boot.

And look at my gorgeous young man in one of his new sixth form suits.

God, I’m old….

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  1. Rachelradiostar
    Rachelradiostar says:

    Awwww what a fabulous, brilliant post x I am so pleased it worked out. He looks very handsome:-).

    That post where you were in America was the one that made me follow you n your blog !!

    So for that reason I’m glad he has to retake his Biology!!! ( not really x )

  2. Debbra Dunning Brouillette
    Debbra Dunning Brouillette says:

    Does he have to wear suits to school? If so, quite a departure from schools in America, which allow kids these days to wear t-shirts, shorts, and way-too-casual clothing all around. You mention a school uniform, too, so I’d be interested in knowing what the rules are at his school re: attire.

    Oh, and best of luck to Sam on his new start! Glad they offered a solution that pleased everyone!

    • English Mum
      English Mum says:

      Yes, Debbra, every day! Well, ‘smart business wear’ but yes, trousers and jacket every day in the sixth form. Charlie wears smart black trousers, a blazer, white shirt and tie. We’re very formal here!

  3. english grandma
    english grandma says:

    If you feel old, spare a thought for me! How did my little man with the pointy finger – ‘wassat?, wassat?’ grow into a handsome, tall young man in such a short time [or so it seems]. Good luck, Sam, do your very best and make us all proud[er] x

  4. Jennifer Eccles
    Jennifer Eccles says:

    Delighted that everything is working out for Sam. Upwards and onwards sir!

    Tsk. You are NOT old *rolls eyes* you are fabulous ;)


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