More adventures in wine: I sample Asda’s summer wine selection

You know me, I love a glass of wine.  Or two.  So when Asda offered to send me a selection of their favourite wines for the summer, well, I jumped at the chance.

As a fledgling wine-taster I’ve done my best to describe them for you (none of that ‘burnt rubber and cut grass’ stuff I promise) mostly without referring to any tasting notes, but this stuff’s all a bit subjective so you might not agree.  Do go and seek them out, though, they’re a delicious bunch:

Asda summer wines

From left to right:

The Wine Selection Pinot Grigio 2012

I always think that I don’t like Pinot Grigio, but we really enjoyed this Italian white from Verona.  Bright and crisp with less mouth-puckering acidity than I remember from last time, although still fresh and zesty.  Bit of a snip at four quid a bottle.

Extra Special Fiano 2012

This Sicilian beauty was one of my favourites. Fresh and fruity, bright with tangy citrus and – what? – green apple? Wish I had an expert on hand.  £7.00.

The Original Malbec 2011

I adore an Argentinian Malbec and though this French Rigal Malbec was a beauty: spicy, smooth and full of fruit with a touch of sweetness – seriously easy drinking.  £7.25 but currently on offer at £5.50 so snap it up.

Extra Special Gavi 2012

A really special wine (reflected in the price, I’ll admit).  This Italian Gavi was delicious: fresh and crisp but also with a flowery scent that was really appealing (there goes my wine vocabulary letting me down again). Loved it, and did a special online order to buy more as there’s no Asda near us. £8.00.

Lugana 2012

This wine is from a small area just inland from Lake Garda.  The grapes used are Trebbiano – not something I’ve come across before.   I was lost for the words to describe what I was tasting, but it’s almost metallic – not unpleasantly so – I’m sure there’s a proper winey word for it – also fresh and lemony.  £8.50 but currently on offer at £7.00.

Garganega Pinot Grigio Pouch

Almost back to the wine boxes of our youth, we were initially, I’ll admit, a bit snobby about the whole ‘wine in a bag’ idea, then laughed as both of us were caught sneaking back to the fridge for another top up.  This wine is an 84% Garganega/16% Pinot Grigio mix from Verona and you get a stonking 1.5L for your £9.50.  A bit of a bargain and well worth keeping in the fridge for unexpected guests (if it lasts that long).  It stays fresh for a good few weeks during use and is surprisingly eco-friendly too.  I referred to tasting notes for this one and could definitely taste the pear that was mentioned. Delicious, crisp, fresh and dead handy too.

The verdict?  Not a single wet blanket amongst them, but the Malbec was my favourite.  Could have done with a couple of rosés in the mix too.

Thanks to Asda for supplying the wine. Excellent fun. Next!  (Please note the prices may well have changed slightly since I last asked – they often do!)


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