Lemon drizzle cake for National Baking Week

Let’s face it, baking is trendy at the moment.  It’s not just the Great British Bakeoff that has prompted a resurgence in home baking either.  I think it’s a return to local and seasonal food – an embracing of all things home-made – and I think there’s something quintessentially British about baking.  I’m a long-term baking convert.  To me, baking means home: cricket teas, making fairy cakes at Brownies, bringing those first (slightly grey) shortbread biscuits home from school and eating the marzipan off the Christmas cake.  A home made cake is as good as a hug.  You can’t beat walking in to a kitchen fuggy with the scent of vanilla and chocolate, and knowing you’ll soon be tucking into something deliciously sweet and soft, made just for you.

So what better way to celebrate National Baking Week than baking a delicious lemon drizzle cake.  The natural yogurt in this recipe keeps the sponge really moist, and if you don’t fancy icing, substitute the icing sugar for granulated and dribble over your cake when it’s warm out of the oven.  You’ll get a delicious, crisp topping.  Serve warm with a dollop of Yeo Valley Greek Style Yeogurt with Lemon and Ginger for a fabulous dessert, or slice the whole cake lengthways and sandwich with a layer of lemony buttercream (add the zest and juice of ½ a lemon to buttercream made with 200g icing sugar and 100g butter) for a cake fit to grace any school fete cake stall!

Check out Yeo Valley’s recipe pages for lots of inspiration this week to celebrate all things bake and beautiful.


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