In which I taste Asda’s Christmas wine selection (not all at once) *hic*

I am loving Asda’s Extra Special range again this year.  Last year, if you remember, I travelled to Leith’s to see (and taste) a little of the Extra Special Christmas range they’d developed in association with Asda, and this year, they sent me a few of their wines to try.  I don’t have an Asda near me, sadly, but I’ll be having a drive to stock up.  Here are my top picks:

Chardonnay La Maison Elyse £7.17 – don’t be put off because it says Chardonnay – hey, it’s what  makes Champagne, remember?  This isn’t oaky AT ALL and is deliciously creamy.  I ate it with salmon and pasta so I reckon it would be a winner with your smoked salmon starter.

Asda Extra Special Falanghina 2011 £5.00 – I cannot believe this wine is only a fiver… peachy, fruity and rich but still crisp, I LOVED it.  I’ve never had Falanghina before but will be seeking it out.  We had it with halloumi, rocket and pancetta wraps, but I it would be a delightful party wine, to be sipped with friends and nibbles.  Yum scrum.

Asda Extra Special Pinot Grigio 2011 £5.00 – I don’t usually buy Pinot, but we both thought this was delicious, so I’m kind of changing my mind now – light, crisp and appley, but not so acidic that you can’t drink it on its own. Which I did. All of it.

Asda Extra Special Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 £5.00 – gorgeously fruity, full of ripe berries and – I’m not very good at this, but – chocolate?  Raspberries?  Whatever, it’s delicious and if you come across it, stuff your trolley. You’ll thank me.

Wine Selection Cava Rosado £3.78 – A beautifully soft, crisp and fruity rosé sparkler that’s bursting with lovely strawberry flavours – perfect for all festive celebrations and SUCH a bargain!  I’ll be drinking this on Christmas morning and I’m not even sorry.

Thank you to the lovely team at Asda for sending me the wines. I love you all xx

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    • English Mum
      English Mum says:

      Really? Thank you! Not sure they’re 100% accurate but still. I’ve just ordered another Falanghina… Triade Fiano/Falanghina/Greco Della Campania from Waitrose. Hope it’s as nice x


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