Happy New Year! And another alcohol free January.

New Year's Eve

We had a such a lovely new year.  Turtle, my gorgeous niece, made the most amazing cocktails, we had a scrummy dinner cooked by my very clever sister in law (the sweet potato and chorizo was a revelation), and then Sam, Charlie, Jackson and even, hilariously, my brother IJ and I had a mad dancing competition on the Wii. A fab time. It ended with champagne and cuddles with velvet nosed doggies on squishy sofas watching the New Year fireworks on the telly. I couldn’t have been happier.

Last year at this time I vowed to be completely alcohol free in January.  I’ve got to be honest, it was tough, but I DID end January feeling amazing (and a whole 8lb lighter – without even trying!).  I also said I’d never do it again (and I got a special edition bottle of Bombay Sapphire for Christmas – sob…), but here we are again after two back to back holidays during which I overindulged in both the food AND the booze, and then Christmas and its associated gluttony.  And frankly, after my disgusting behaviour on Christmas Eve (there was singing.  And I don’t even remember going to bed), I probably owe it to my liver to give it a holiday.

If you’d like to join me – and my friends Laura, Dellers, NotSupermum and, I think Rachael (yes Rach?) – doing alcohol-free January, do let me know (or tweet me @englishmum).

Bring it on, then, 2013, I’m ready and raring to go!


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  1. sharon
    sharon says:

    I too have decided to have an alcohol-free January 2013 and already last night on returning home from a stressful day at work was thinking I need a drink…. plus wondering how I can relax (without) a drink this evening. Enjoyed reading your blog and will continue to do so for support

    regards Sharon

    ps I dont have a drink problem (ha or am i kidding myself)

  2. Taffy's Mum
    Taffy's Mum says:

    I’m afraid my alcohol free month will have to wait until February. It would be rude not to partake of the rum which the Caribbean is so famous for…. and all inclusive too!!


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