Giveaway: win a gorgeous Valentine’s bouquet (and more) from Prestige Flowers

prestige-flowers-bannerPeople seem to be really torn about Valentine’s Day.  There are definitely those who see it as a cynical marketing ploy dreamed up by greeting card companies and florists (or is it restauranteurs and wine retailers?), but I personally think it’s no bad thing to remind your loved one how much you care once in a while.

Dozen red roses

With this in mind, I’ve teamed up with the lovely bunch (geddit?) from Prestige Flowers to help you spoil your valentine.  Just comment below and tell me who you’d treat and why, and we’ll arrange for a gorgeous bouquet of red roses, a bottle of wine, a teddy bear and a box of chocolates to be delivered to the object of one lucky winner’s affection in time for Valentine’s day.

And hey, if you’re not lucky enough to win, you’ll find loads of perfect Valentine’s Day flowers at Prestige.

Usual English Mum competition rules apply.  Prize will consist of one dozen roses, one bottle of red wine, Belgian chocolates and a cuddly bear.  Competition closes 11th Feb 2013.



93 replies
  1. Ann Calland
    Ann Calland says:

    My wonderful other half who has and always will be my absoloute rock,would be such a treat as it is usually me being pampered on the 14th Feb as its my birthday the same day.

  2. Maria Webster
    Maria Webster says:

    I’d send it my kids & husband to share (he can have the wine!)to say thanks for the lovely birthday presents I have received off them today. They spent all their spends on me and were so excited last night about giving them to me in the morning it made my heart melt

  3. Nicola Scott
    Nicola Scott says:

    I would treat my daughter as she has been a real gem this year and so selfless in looking after me when I had my heart operation. She is one in a million.

  4. JOdie
    JOdie says:

    I’d like to send this to my best friend, who is having a hard time at the moment and is feeling very alone and unwanted after her boyfriend broke up with her. I would like to send this to let her know that even though she may be single, she is loved by all her friends and I just want her to be happy again.

  5. Angie Hoggett
    Angie Hoggett says:

    I’d give them to my dad who can then give them to my mum because I know he will forget and not buy her anything, hehe!!

  6. Claire Nelson
    Claire Nelson says:

    My Mum, always wonderful she has been a godsend in the past month when I returned to work and my daughter was poorly (picking up every bug in nursery).

  7. janine atkin
    janine atkin says:

    my boyfriend of 13 years who is also my best friend! Although id be more interested in the flowers than he would but the chocolates and the wine we would enjoy together!

  8. June Gaynor
    June Gaynor says:

    Well apart from myself ;-) My mother would be most deserving of this. Everyone needs a bit of love no matter what time of life, and I love her to bits.

  9. Janet Bagnall
    Janet Bagnall says:

    Cant I keep them for myself?! No?? I’d send them to my OH then, I think he’d love to receive them and I get to enjoy them too!

  10. Holly Peterson
    Holly Peterson says:

    I would give them to my Best friend Marie, who has been there for me for the last 8 years through everything. She deserves it.

  11. Beverly Cushnie
    Beverly Cushnie says:

    My darling husband of twenty yeras who has spent four years using all his holidays and weekends to build us a home to live in. He never complains just quietly gets on with it, as he loves his family so much. I just want to show him how much we love and appreciate him.

  12. Paula
    Paula says:

    a little leftfield, but i’d send them to my boss. she’s the sweetest lady i’ve ever worked for and make going to work each day an absolute pleasure.

  13. steve pearman
    steve pearman says:

    To my gorgeous valentine this much is true

    I couldnt wish for a more perfect wife then you xxx

    Even with baby sickin ur hair

    I find ur beauty, graceful and fair

    You make me smile when things are tight

    and when we spoon you fit just right

    Mother, my best friend and loving wife

    Your the glue in our random life

  14. Ben
    Ben says:

    My fiancee,I’ve kind of messed up last Valentines for her last year, I came home with nothing and she’d made such an effort. Romantic steak dinner and champagne, I’ve never felt so guilty even though she assured me that it was fine. This year I’ve spent most of my budget on a ring to ask her to spend her life with me. I am rubbish with presents and think this would be perfect for her, she certainly deserves it!

  15. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    My nan deserves a treat because she always treats us grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It would be nice to give something back to show our appreciation.

  16. Kath Amis
    Kath Amis says:

    My wonderful husband- he has survived 14 years with a double lung transplant, and it has never stopped him living life to the full. Now he’s lost 3st and joined a gym- I’m so proud of him-he deserved this wonderful treat!

  17. P Wendy Clayton
    P Wendy Clayton says:

    My Mum, who is enduring chemo at the moment. She didn’t even know she had cancer, she was admitted to hospital with a chest infection on 30th August last year. Her consultant kept digging and digging, test after test with nothing concrete. He didn’t give up and after 6 weeks she diagnosed peritoneal cancer. Mum started chemo on my birthday at the end of October and is still having her weekly treatment. The malignant cells have now reduced from 400 to 25 and she has been told that this is technically but not clinically clear, which is great news, but she is still having treatment to try and reduce it further. She still has some hair and for her 79th birthday in January she went to the hairdressers and had what little hair she has styled and her nails manicured. She is coping really well and I would love to surprise her with this wonderful gift.

  18. Arabella Bazley
    Arabella Bazley says:

    I would treat my mother, she’s widowed now so I like to respect my father’s wishes and keep her in flowers all year round to show her how much we love her.

  19. J Holden
    J Holden says:

    It would have to be my Husband, a best friend, confidante and life long partner who has both entertained, encouraged and comforted me through life’s numerous twists and turns.

  20. Louise
    Louise says:

    My husband, we dont usually make a big deal of valentines day so this would make a great surprise for him! Men deserve to be spoilt too!!

  21. Stuart Dunlop
    Stuart Dunlop says:

    “A Diamond ring I did buy,
    big enough to make any woman cry!
    I proposed under a setting sky,
    Saying please marry me, sweetie pie!

  22. James Mcmahon
    James Mcmahon says:

    I split with my partner Christmas due to me drinking too much. I have since sought help and am no longer drink dependant. She is now giving me a chance to prove my worth to he. I do love her immensely and deeply regret everything I have put her through.
    This gift would go a short way in proving I am a better person. Even though I know I still have many challenges ahead


  23. Lisa Dunne
    Lisa Dunne says:

    My lovely mum who’s been through so much the last 10 years due to my brothers murder. Despite everything she’s still standing tall and making sure her family as OK

  24. charlotte clavier
    charlotte clavier says:

    Well i dont have a bloke **boo hoo** lol. So i would give it to my mum. Shes the one that always treats me. So its time to treat her ;) xx

  25. Stuart Payne
    Stuart Payne says:

    I would treat my wife as she has not had a valentines gift from me for all the 21 years we have been together so this would come as a complete shock.

  26. Rod
    Rod says:

    my wife – its never easy looking after our autistic daughter, this would be something special to show her that we all love her and appreciate what she does without complaining even when it can be painful, with lots of highs and lows every single day x

  27. Pat Stubbs
    Pat Stubbs says:

    My daughter who is a brill mum to 2 lovely children but also works and has been training for her first half marathon. She is going to run in aid of breast cancer research as I have had the disease but survived thanks to past research

  28. Neeta
    Neeta says:

    For my dear Fiance… who has helped me believe in love again… thankyou for helping me through many things… I am indebted to you.

  29. Beverley
    Beverley says:

    My husband. He’s been a rock to me through a recent serious illness and I would love to let him know he’s appreciated.

  30. Denise Fitzgerald
    Denise Fitzgerald says:

    I’d definitely treat my mum who is due to celebrate her 70th birthday very soon and cooks a fantastic full Sunday lunch relentlessly every week for a family of 8 and never ever complains! :-)

  31. Charlotte P
    Charlotte P says:

    Ill be honest ME
    Full time mummy jsut been diagnosed with Coeliac and aneamia.
    No help from partner and had to buy own christmas present so would really cheer me up!

  32. Rebecca Powell
    Rebecca Powell says:

    I’d treat my partner for being fabulous at looking after himself and the kids (3 of them) while I complete my teacher training and to make him smile after crashing his car yesterday

  33. kathleen hooper
    kathleen hooper says:

    my husband, as he is the perfect house husband. It’s great to come home from work to a clean house and a meal, and he would really enjoy these

  34. Christina Curtis
    Christina Curtis says:

    My boyfriend. He deserves it he is totally amazing, gorgeous, supportive and works so super hard! yet he will never have a moan.

  35. Helen Yendall
    Helen Yendall says:

    When I was little I thought, on Valentine’s day, you gave a card to whoever you loved, so I always gave my mum a valentine’s card. Now, 40-something years later, I don’t buy her cards any more but I’d love to treat her to these goodies. I don’t think anyone’s ever given her red roses in her life. It would make her day.. week, month.. year!!! It would make her (and me) very happy.

  36. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    I would treat my Fiance and my little boy,because their the 2 people I love most in the world and I couldnt choose between them,so they’d have to share :-)

  37. helen cooper
    helen cooper says:

    i will send them to myself i have been with my partner for over 30 years hes not romantic at all so they would make a lovely gift to me

  38. Lynn Savage
    Lynn Savage says:

    I’d like to nominate my good friends June and Dave. They have been together through thick and thin for 26 years ( even though when they married her mother said ‘I give it 6 months’). They have had a tough time recently and I know they can’t afford to spend money on Valentines day. This would be a wonderful surprise for them both.

  39. Claire @ Bad Fiction
    Claire @ Bad Fiction says:

    I would treat my man, from my daughter. Daddy’s been away for such a long time (7 months deployed), and now he’s been back for a few months, their relationship is finally back on track. I am actually blogging about this right now. It means so much to us all x

  40. Sarah Read
    Sarah Read says:

    My husband Aaron. He’s in the process of leaving the army after 10 years hard service.
    We met just before his last tour – few days before Valentines day. 4 years ago and got married 3 months ago.
    I’d love something special to thank him for his amazing dedication to me and the army.

  41. kate goodall
    kate goodall says:

    I would like to nominate two of life’s truly lovely people for this. Nina and Gareth – colleagues of mine. Gareth has terminal cancer, but is so far exceeding the expiry date he was given, and continues to live life to the full where possible. When having treatment and constrained in isolation in a London hospital bed, far away from Nina and their two young sons, Gareth just can’t stop working. He’s an old-fashioned parkie at heart but these days manages the improvement of parks. He’ll often be checking documents at daft o’clock when poor Nina wants some love. I know this because it’s taken her forever to work out private messages on Facebook!

    They’re as crazy in love as they ever were and, although knowing life is tenuous, they continue to love and live and refuse to give in. And how can they when number 3 is due very shortly now? Who knew that lots of chemo etc doesn’t necessarily a Jaffa make?

    They’ve been busy raising funds for young people with cancer, they deal with two young kids, and another on the way,they deal with Gareth’s illness, they do their work and yet they still have the sparkliest eyes ever.

  42. Russell B
    Russell B says:

    I would give them to my wife. I didn’t get her a very good Christmas present so maybe this might help her forgive me.

  43. mumto2boos
    mumto2boos says:

    I would send them to my mum..her fella is working away for weeks maybe mths in the Philippines and will not be back for valentines day and he may not be back for her 60th. So this would make her day :-)

  44. Mum in Meltdown
    Mum in Meltdown says:

    It would def be my husband of 18yrs this year! He’s a really chilled out fella and has kept my chin up and looked after me too for the last 4 yrs since I have been off work with M.E/CFS! He’s the dude LOL :)

  45. Azra Dedic
    Azra Dedic says:

    I’d pick my mum, my dad is the least romantic person ever and she’d be lucky to get a card off him! So would be nice to be able to treat her and put a smile on her face this Valentine’s day :)

  46. esther james
    esther james says:

    I would love to treat my hubby. He looks after the kids for me every weekend whilst I work, and he never complains. He is such a hands on daddy, that I would love him to get a treat in return!

  47. Adam
    Adam says:

    I would love this prize to give to my wife of 5 years who 6 weeks ago have birth to my beautiful daughter Holly. This valentines is going to be our first as parents and having this gift would mean I have a little less to do this Feb! :-P

  48. Sandra Owen
    Sandra Owen says:

    Me! Been on my own since ex left me for one of my friends a month before our 23rd anniversary (2years ago) so a valentine treat would be lovely!

  49. Leandralioness
    Leandralioness says:

    My super husband did not even bat an eyelid , when I suggested I would like to go do some Humanatarian Work in Haiti. He took off work (self employed) and looked after our 3 young boys. With men like this, it makes the World a Better Place. He is selfless and I need to spoil him.

  50. Trenton
    Trenton says:

    For my boyfriend of 10 years… Still waiting for marriage equality and fed up with most valentines cards having male/female illustrations, or being pink/floral/covered in red love hearts… It’s not all about girls, Men fall in love too!

  51. The Fool
    The Fool says:

    I reckon wifey would be most appreciative of receiving this, after all she has had 2 babies under 2 to look after for almost year now and had to put up with me :)


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