Getting ready for holidays – my top toiletry tips

It’s just six weeks – SIX WEEKS! – until we’re off on our holidays with my Disreputable Dad and his partner to Gran Canaria for a week.  I think we’re probably at the stage where, with Sam being 17, our days of enjoying holidays as a family are numbered, so I’m determined to enjoy every second, especially as there’ll be three generations all holidaying together.  When we booked a few months ago, we went through different websites to find the perfect holiday in Spain that would suit ages 14 to 70*coughsomething* and in the end we found ourselves back at our old favourite First Choice‘s website, for something that pleased everyone: lovely pool, scrummy food, short walk to a lovely beach.. you name it.

I’m really excited and, as always, I’m enjoying the planning (and purchasing) almost as much as the holiday.

Here’s my current tick-list:

High factor sun cream.  I always take a variety of brands as different family members like different things.  I prefer non-sticky and spray on.  Remember you should use at least a shot glass per application.

Facial sunblock: I suffer from hyperpigmentation so always pack a sunblock specifically for the face. And a hat.

Multi-use items.  I like the Lavera organic shampoo/shower gel, and Dr Bronner’s liquid soap is brilliant – you can use it for shampoo, shower gel and even to hand wash your clothes.

Conditioner: treat your hair to a nightly conditioning treatment to combat all that sun, sea and chlorine.

Solid antiperspirant stick – much smaller and easier to transport than a spray.  Plus you can pop it in your beach bag to freshen up after a swim, too.

Wipes: great for travelling and handy for removing make-up.  If you get the non-greasy ones they’re quite useful to remove spots on clothes too (if you get messy with your bolognaise).  There are also some lovely freshener/perfume wipes about.  The 4711 ones are gorgeously fresh and remind me of my childhood.

Perfumed candle: not really toiletries, but an essential for me – lovely to light in the evening to scent your hotel room.

So I’ll be the sweet smelling one smothered in suncream, with freshly conditioned hair (and hat), second sunbed to the left.


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  1. Helen T
    Helen T says:

    Good list! Although mine includes a good swathe of insect repellent stuff, from warding them off to repairing the damage. And I never travel without a tube of Protect & Perfect, gives skin the best post sunshine repair treat in my book.

    • English Mum
      English Mum says:

      I love Protect and Perfect. I recently gave the Estée Lauder serum a go but found it a bit too greasy. In fact, I’ve just discovered No 7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream normal/oily and I’ll be taking that too – love it x

  2. Mrs Worthington
    Mrs Worthington says:

    Love your list. I always take Boots sun and sea spray to protect my hair and lots of moisturiser. Not forgetting nail varnish so you can have gorgeous jewelled toe nails glistening in the sand. We went to puerto mogan in gran canaria and my daughter loved it. Have fun !

  3. Mireille
    Mireille says:

    Lovely! Enjoy it! and don’t forget a good book to get lost in. Maybe a nice soothing aftersun lotion to preserve that gorgeous tan… Have fun together!


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