Frosty (and skiddy)

It was beautiful here this weekend.  Minus 4.5 degrees and the frost was so… er…frosty it was almost like everything was covered in white fur.  Driving to pick #2 up from a friend’s in Mullingar, though, I lost the back end of the jeep in spectacular fashion and ended up in a ditch.  Nothing dented except my pride, luckily.

Conclusion: frost is lovely if you’re indoors.

 Frosty fennel  Frosty 1


Frosty 2

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  1. SUSAN B
    SUSAN B says:

    Beautiful pictures, EM, but I am SO glad I’ll NEVER again have to deal with that sort of weather! I’m a hothouse flower! LOL

  2. Moon
    Moon says:

    you and cars never really got on !…….. Ah, the cold winter frost, and yes, I do miss it .. I am hoping for snow in Maine and NYC later this week .

    We did find some snow over the week-end on our travels …

  3. English Mum
    English Mum says:

    Jay: Hee! It was actually my fault in a roundabouty way. I got half way and then discovered the road was closed, so seeing as it was a weekend, I thought I’d chance it (here in Ireland you can often squeeze by if the workers aren’t there). Anyhoo, some looper workman leapt out in front of me to tell me to turn back and I braked and skidded sideways into the ditch. But yes, just as well I’ve got big tyres and 4wd otherwise I’d still be there! Serves me right eh?

  4. jay
    jay says:

    Oooh – I love that third one!! Just beautiful!

    Sorry you ended up in the ditch, but I’m glad you’re not hurt .. and at least it was a jeep, huh? Think if you’d been driving a smart car! You’d have been upside down like a stranded beetle, and needed a hoist to get you out. LOL!

  5. English Mum
    English Mum says:

    Aidy: Too right. I had my 4WD on, but it didn’t seem to make much difference – mind you, my car’s a bit ancient. I was driving quite slow, but even then I skidded coming to a halt, and all this with some silly dickhead right up my backside. Tsk.

  6. Aidy
    Aidy says:

    Glad to hear your ok. Saw a total idiot drive straight into another car this morning. Barely even braked in time. Nobody hurt but people dont gve enough room between them and the car in front.

  7. English Mum
    English Mum says:

    Towny: Oh gawd – doesn’t it always happen when you’ve got a bloody audience. D next door slid over on our front step last night – he’d had a few, bless him. Twas dead funny tho :)

  8. English Mum
    English Mum says:

    TC: Okay, I’ll be right over (electronically, natch) x

    Jen: Indeed. Added to which, I broadsided again taking #1 to the bus stop this morning! Note that he managed to stay tucked up in bed while I was ‘doing a Stig’ on the N3?! x

  9. Townygirl
    Townygirl says:

    lol. its the same in roscommon. except i lost the back end of me on the road whilst walking the pupster. ended up flat on my face in front of a few farmers . . oh the shame! i really like the photos.x

  10. jennynib
    jennynib says:

    Oh dear. Glad you were alright… :(

    Of course, you DO realise that Hubbs will now be entitled to ‘do a Colin’ and use this incident as a cautionary tale every time you stick your nose out the door in less than tropical conditions? :)

  11. English Mum
    English Mum says:

    Baino: Aw thanks. Yeh, it’s pretty scary on the roads at the moment – and I bet come Christmas day it’ll just be all boring and rainy again!

    Thrifty: Ooh, did you have a great time at Knightsbrook? Did Mrs TC hit the spa?

  12. Baino
    Baino says:

    I forget, living in a warm and ice free climate, how unromantic cold weather can be. Especially when it’s stinking and I’m wishing I was having Christmas in the cold! Glad you’re all in one piece!


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