English Mum’s Big Christmas Bakeoff!

Altogether now… ‘Chriiiistmas time…. mistletoe and wiiiine…’

Yes, it’s now December so all mentions of Christmas are totally justified. YAY!  In your face, bah humbuggers!

And so, henceforth, forthwith and without further ado, I give you a BRAND NEW BIG CHRISTMAS BAKEOFF!

Leisure Range Cookers have been working with gorgeous chef Jo Pratt and have produced some fab, easy ‘how to’ videos, including this one for some amazing, crumbly topped aromatic mince pies:

… and they’ve kindly agreed to donate prizes to the winner, too!

And for the kiddies there are these GORGEOUS Hallmark Story Buddies – an exclusive new range of interactive cuddly toys that bring story time to life and I’ve got 5 to give away (worth £19.99 each).


It’s a Christmas bakeoff so everything and anything remotely Christmassy is fair game.

The Rules

Since we scrapped the ‘send English Mum a piece of each one’ rule *sniff*, the rules are few and far between, to be honest, but such as they are:

1. You’ve actually got to bake something (although see below re: sneaky rule breaking)

2. You must take a picture (there’s none of those dodgy ‘I baked it, but then I ate it’ excuses…)

3. Email it to me at english[dot]towers[at]gmail[dot]com,  telling me what it is and who you are.  Entries must be received by midnight on the closing date (see below).

The Cheaty Bit

As usual, a healthy bit of downright sneakiness is to be encouraged, and any entertaining reason why your entry  should be considered will be looked upon favourably.  For example, if your trifle is beautiful, but obviously not exactly baked, let me know.  I’m a flexible type and I’ll probably allow it.  No lying though.

Okay, a bit of lying then, but not too much…

The Techy Bit

If you’re a blogger, please link back to this post, and if you’re a tweeter, please use the hashtag #bigChristmasbakeoff - if you’re neither, then just ignore this bit completely.

The Exciting Bit!

The lovely and frankly wonderful chaps at Leisure range cookers have vey vey kindly agreed to give the winner brand spanking new copies of both Jo Pratt’s books: In the mood for entertaining and In the mood for food, along with other goodies like Leisure tea towels and oven gloves.  Visit Leisure’s video recipe gallery here for more amazing recipes from Jo.

And for the kiddlies, there are 5  Jingle the husky Story Buddies, complete with their very own storybook.  Both engaging and educational, Jingle is perfect for bringing families together. For more information on Jingle and the rest of the Story Buddy range, visit www.hallmark.co.uk

The Judgy Bit

Entries will be displayed in one enormous blog post and accompanied by the usual descent into hysteria while I wrestle with pixels and uploading and all that other complicated stuff. Follow me on twitter to witness the carnage as it happens.

My lovely, wondrous mum, English Grandma has foolishly agreed to be the judge.  All attempts at bribery and approaches of a dubious nature will be well received (knowing my mother) and are to be made directly to her and not via this blog.  The judge’s decision is final, or you’ll get one of her hard stares. And trust me, you don’t want that.

So that’s it, then.  You’ve got loads of time, plenty of inspiration, and some very ambiguous rules.  Let’s get baking!

The Small Printy Bit

This competition is open to all comers, regardless of location.  The closing date will be 18th December at midnight.  There is no cash alternative to the prize.

34 replies
  1. Mari
    Mari says:

    Ohh, interesting I have a few things I want to back this week so I best get cracking :)
    PS I was subscribed via email but the link must have broken as I haven’t seen you in my inbox for ages – I’ll try again now

  2. Kara Guppy
    Kara Guppy says:

    I have sent in an entry, and you get the recipe too!!
    I used the baby bottle to measure the Baileys – hope its proof enough that I actually made it x

  3. english grandma
    english grandma says:

    Jen……yes I may have mellowed with age, but I can still produce a hard stare when provoked – believe you me!!


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