The Mad Prof Reviews: Bassboomz Bluetooth Speaker

There aren’t many parcels that get the whole family clustering round oohing and ahhing, but this little purple whatsit certainly did.

Can you guess what it is yet?:


Yup, it’s  bluetooth speaker – unscrew it, wirelessly attach your phone/laptop/iPad/whatever (or it’s got an aux slot and comes with its own aux cable) and off it goes. Fully charged, it lasts a good few hours (depending on volume).  It comes in a range of metallic colours and, when screwed down, is a tiny 5cm in size.

We unleashed the Mad Prof and soon, the shower was shaking with Pop Punk and his bedroom was booming with Grime.  Here’s what he thought:

”This little aluminium tube packs a serious punch.  The sound quality is really good for such a small speaker and it pumps out some serious bass and volume!

I have been using it for about two weeks now and I use it for everything, taking a shower, playing Xbox, going round a mate’s, it is honestly the best Bluetooth speaker i have listened to as well. A big thank you to the people at Bassbudz, for letting me review it and I hope everyone reading this gets one! Its worth it, trust me. ;)”

PS: in the car, it sits in the cupholder and makes an almighty racket.  Trust me.

It’s a big 10/10 for us: mighty music in a teeny tube!

Bassboomz extended

The lovely chaps at Bassboomz are offering English Mum readers a £30 discount for the whole of March! Just log on to and use the code BBZ304611

The Mad Prof Reviews: the Auna VCP-191 iPod Docking Station

Hey everyone! Its Sam here bringing you another review, this time its of the Auna VCP-191 iPod Docking Station

The Auna VCP-191 iPod Docking Station comes with two speakers and a main console equipped with CD player. One of its best features is its compatability with everything! It has a USB, iPod dock and an SD memory card slot on top. On the side it has an AM antenna slot (for anyone still living in the 70s), an FM radio antenna in the form of a wire and the two speaker slots. This basically means that EVERYBODY can play their music, which is brilliant! I have found the USB slot the most useful as all you have to do is put your music into files on the drive and it treats them like albums.

Right, now to the really important stuff: the sound quality is amazing! For such little speakers they don’t half pack a hell of a punch!  The bass is brilliant and the quality is really good, even at the highest volumes.   The Auna is great value for money at £97.90, for that you get what all the things I mentioned earlier with a wall mounting kit and a remote.

It is really simple to use and is so sleek and modern, it even has a really flash blue LED backlight!!

I would definitely recommend this system to everyone and encourage you all to buy one and be as pleasantly surprised as I am! Thanks for reading and goodbye :)

This iPod docking station with radio and CD player is available at the HiFi-Tower online shop

The Mad Prof reviews: BassBuds Classics – Limited Edition White

Hey everyone, Sam here with my first review of many (I hope!).  Today I’m reviewing the ‘BassBud Classic’ in-ear headphones (currently discounted to £34.95).  Right, off we go! Oh wait one more thing, If you can’t be bothered to read all of this, there is a point summary at the end. Enjoy!

I have had two weeks to test out the headphones, testing out everything that I would normally use or see in everyday life, the BassBuds came in limited edition white and the appearance is modern and stylish, without having anything crazy design-wise to make you stick out like a sore thumb! The crystal in the back of each bud blends in with the design, so as to provide improved sound clarity with the unique crystaltronic system and does not look tacky at all.

The sound quality is amazingly good for the price bracket, definitely putting it at the top with the Sennheiser and SoundMAGIC headphones, But like it says in the name, bass is where these headphones shine, performing at what my parents call ‘Mach 3’ or my ‘normal listening’ volume with no buzzing or vibration.

And lastly my favourite thing about these headphones, they are really comfortable! I have not had a single case of ‘unforced slippage’ while using them and they fit perfectly in my ear, they also come with loads of replacement buds for bigger, smaller or more sensitive ears (different materials).

So there we are! I am very pleased with everything about these headphones and would happily recommend them to friends and family, thanks for reading!

My points:

– High quality sound

– Great bass and treble

– Doesn’t drown out the music with bass

– At even the highest volume sound is crystal clear

– Not just for drum and bass and other bassy music.

– Very comfortable

– Does not slip out at random

– It comes with a storage bag and loads of replacement buds


– Integrated microphone with controller for hands-free calls

– Compatible with Smart Phones

– Advanced Crystaltronics sound technology for crystal-clear HD audio

– Genuine SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS, the premium brand for fine loose cut crystals embedded into the design

– Gold plated 3.5mm audio jack for optimum connectivity

– Tangle-free, durable, double-wrapped cable

– Precision-cut, high quality aluminium housing

For more information, click on