Breakfast of champions (with a little help from McCain)

So when the hubby is home, one of our naughty pleasures is sending him off on a McDonald’s run (I know, but everything in moderation, etc).  There aren’t many things nicer than a sausage and egg McMuffin, especially if you’ve had a *cough* heavy night – plus there’s the benefit of no washing up afterwards.  I do differ with the boys about one thing, though, the dreaded hash browns.  The McDonald’s ones are so greasy it’s unreal.  I’m not a fan.

So when McCain wrote to me last week offering to send us a lovely breakfast, including hash browns, you can imagine I was slightly sceptical.  Still, they did us proud, with a fabulous selection of British outdoor-reared pork sausages and bacon, English muffins, free range eggs, the aforementioned hash browns and loads of lovely fruit and yogurt too.

Here, then, for your viewing pleasure is possibly the best breakfast we’ve ever had:

Best breakfast ever

And the verdict on the hash browns?  Very nice.  They’re oven baked so seem much crunchier and not at all greasy or soggy, plus they’re much thicker so you get a crispy outside and a nice soft, fluffy centre.  Charlie managed to eat four, which is probably some kind of record, but still couldn’t be persuaded to eat any fruit.

Ah well.

Thanks to McCain for the veritable feast!


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