I’m a mum of two, I work from home as a food, parenting and travel writer and in my spare time (ahaha) I’m an enthusiastic cook and food lover. We live in Buckinghamshire and I’m very happily married to a handsome pilot. We have two completely gorgeous but utterly mental teenagers. Our oldest son Sam is 18 and studying for his A levels, and Charlie, who is 15 and doing GCSEs (yup, bit of a stressy household at the moment):


And me? I am a 40-something food and wine enthusiast and frequent flyer. Apart from a small group of my very close and adored friends, I’m rather unsociable (I like my own company – possibly a throwback from hours spent fielding in the sea during childhood beach cricket games: ‘go deep!  No, deeper!’).  I have a crippling inability to self-edit and a love of beaches (it’s the smell and the sand-between-the-toes) and lip balm.  I am a proud member of the Disney 7 (and an all-round Disney fanatic – ask me anything), a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance and am also proud to have been shortlisted in Red Magazine’s Red’s Hot Women Awards … Yup, I think that’s about it.  Oh wait…

Here’s what I think about love, sisterhood and friendship, and here are seven things you didn’t know about me.

As a family, we’re mad on travelling and love to explore new places, we also love to eat out (or indeed eat in).  After several years living in Ireland, we’re now back home and share English Towers with an evil white cat called Ninja who we love to bits, even though she hates us all, and a bonkers whippet puppy called Lyra.

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Becky xx