A week of Walt on English Mum: Christmas at Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

I was having a conversation with my Disreputable Dad recently about crying.  ‘Oh I well up all the time’, he said.  ‘Watch out, it gets worse as you get older’.

This can’t be good, as I seem to cry plenty already.  Just before Christmas, I was lucky enough to be invited to Florida for the grand opening of a brand new section of the Magic Kingdom: New Fantasyland.  I seem to have spent most of this trip either choking back tears (happy tears, I’ll explain later) or wiping away proper big fat ones (again, all happy – there’s just no room for sadness at Disney World).   But who can blame me – who WOULDN’T blub in a place where there are princesses (and a staff member who asks tiny princesses-for-a-day for their autographs), where you can get a hug off Mickey Mouse and there are fireworks with light shows and pyrotechnics that take your breath away.  Add whizzy rides, Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, a kiss from Woody the Cowboy and… if you go at Christmas there is snow – REAL SNOW! – on Main Street… it’s no surprise that I was a wreck.

In fact, there’s SO much fun, and SO much stuff to tell you that I’ve decided to take the whole week to tell you all about it.  Brace yourself.  There’ll be roller coasters, Belle and the Beast, scrummy food, waterslides, motor boats, wonderful new themed hotels and loads of news of fabulous new Walt Disney World rides and attractions – secrets that I’m going to share only with you (shhh!).

To give you a little taster of what’s to come, here’s a video of my amazing New Fantasyland week.  Make sure you keep popping back all week.  WARNING: I might say ‘gorgeous’ and ‘fabulous’ quite a lot!:

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  1. Reluctant Launderer
    Reluctant Launderer says:

    ooooh… I might be picking your brain come Easter. The Out-Laws live a couple of hours from Orlando, and we visit them for a few weeks every year. Haven’t yet been to Disney, but Husband is determined to bring the kids this year. 4 yr old might be ready, but suspect not so much the 2 yr old. Or the 2 month old… (In fact suspect that really, he just wants to go himself and is using the kids as an excuse)

  2. cant sop talking
    cant sop talking says:

    My hubby and I love florida, he would go every year, as it torments him when they keep adding new rides etc. But our family keeps growing ( grandchildren ), but our finances dont…you truly are a very very lucky bunny!

  3. Rachael (Tales from the Village)
    Rachael (Tales from the Village) says:

    Oh oh oh! Oh! Ohhhhh, I want to go back. I LOVE that you’re wearing the ears. I went there in 2006 as a complete cynic, muttering about hype and that it Wasn’t My Sort Of Thing. By the end of the first day I was squealing MICKEYYYYY with excitement as we watched the last parade of the day. Completely converted. Now if only I could find a way to afford the trip with all our lot! xxx

    • English Mum
      English Mum says:

      I love my ears – I’ve got a plush pair AND a sequin pair! I know, I thought that the first time I went too. OMG can you imagine taking all yours? What a party that would be!


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