A week of Walt: day three – it’s all about Disney food, from quick service to fine dining

Starter at the Flying Fish

I recently made a promise to myself that I would stop taking pictures of food in restaurants.  My husband hates it (especially when I slap his hand away from his plate) and I’ve lost count of the times my friends have sighed as I snap away at their plates, trying to get the best angle by practically sitting in their laps.  Annoying, much?

But it’s SO hard.  I did, for example, break my rule for this AMAZING starter at one of my favourite Disney fine dining restaurants, the Flying Fish on Disney’s Boardwalk

So, as Roz would say in Frasier, I must attempt to ‘use my words’. So here goes – my all-time top ten Disney dining experiences (so far):


Disney do breakfast REALLY well.  If you’re heading to Florida, make sure you book at least one character breakfast where you get to meet some of Disney’s stars up close and personal.  My favourite character breakfast is at Tusker House at Disney’s Animal Kingdom resort.  The setting is amazing – you can just imagine you’ve stopped for a quick break from your African safari – and the food is just fabulous.  As well as all the usual breakfast choices – Mickey waffles (my personal favourite), bacon, eggs, etc, there are some traditional African choices to try (Bobotie for breakfast? Why not?) and don’t forget a yummy glass of Jungle Juice to wash it all down.

Another favourite of mine, both in terms of the resort itself and in particular The Wave restaurant, is Disney’s Contemporary Resort.  The setting is great – a brief monorail ride straight into the parks – and, as the name suggests, the resort is modern and very classy.  I’ve had both dinner and breakfast in the stunning Wave restaurant and can’t decide which I like best, but the delicious cheese and bacon grits and sweet potato pancakes both take some beating in the morning.  They also serve a range of addictive smoothies too.


Onto lunch then, and this is often a case of grabbing something at one of the many quick service dining options.  If you get the chance, though, do try and stop off at the iconic Hollywood Brown Derby based at the Hollywood Studios park.  I know I’ve talked about the Brown Derby before, but its Cobb salad (it’s enormous – order one between the two of you) – a chopped salad made from avocado, blue cheese, turkey, tomatoes, bacon… you name it, is an absolute must, and the setting, based on the original Vine Street Brown Derby in Hollywood is proper old school glam.  The waiting staff are amazing and although you can wander in dressed in your cut off shorts and t-shirt, half way round Hollywood Studios, you’re always made to feel really special.

If you’re grabbing lunch on the run at the Magic Kingdom, pop in to Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Café in Frontierland and stuff your face with one of their scrummy barbecue pulled pork rolls.  You add your own salad at the little salad bars, which I really like too.

Fine Dining

Disney excel at fine dining.  I’m finding it really hard to pick my favourites here, but Citricos at the utterly beautiful Grand Floridian resort has to be experienced to be believed.  The service is absolutely faultless (the waiting staff know EVERYTHING about every dish and even change your white napkin for a black one if you’re wearing dark colours and don’t want to risk getting any white lint on your outfit), the cocktails are exquisite and the wine list is incredible.  The panadas, a starter of delicately spiced beef in a filo pastry shell with a sweet/sour tamarind dip were crisp on the outside and rich and meaty in the middle.  The braised short ribs entrée is one I’ve had a couple of times and is always meltingly tender. Their steaks are always amazing and cooked perfectly, and don’t you dare eat so much that you miss out on one of their intricately decorated decadent chocolate desserts.

My final choice (touch and go between this one and the equally fabulous Kouzzina (you can read a previous review here) also on the Boardwalk is The Flying Fish Café.  I adore the Boardwalk – there’s nothing nicer than wandering along by the water, watching the sideshows, then after your delicious dinner, wandering back to your hotel under the stars, pausing to watch the fireworks at neighbouring Epcot.  Every evening I’ve had here has been magical, and everything I’ve ever eaten has been incredible: crispy sesame calamari, crunchy coated Jonah crab cakes… sea bass, salmon… it’s all perfectly prepared and wonderfully presented.  If you’re not massively into fish, don’t despair. They also do a ridiculously tender New York strip steak.  Oh and before you waddle out?  Force down a slice of the Florida Tequila key lime Margarita Pie.  You’ll thank me.

If you’re about to travel to Walt Disney World Resort Florida, or need any help planning your journey, or need more recommendations for dining or park options I’m always happy to help.  Drop me a line!


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  1. Kevin Michel
    Kevin Michel says:

    Dear Mum,

    Those are all great. But save one for you and dear old Dad. Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian is one of those places you save for 25th and 35th wedding anniversaries and other very special occasions. Everyone should eat this way once in their life.

    Bon Appetit! :-)


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