A cunning plan: the Death Wish Dude’s strategy for parents’ evening

Trying on suitsDuring a recent shopping trip to find him a suit for my Disreputable Dad’s upcoming wedding (the girl in the shop was rather taken with my handsome boy and I was laughing as she practically climbed into the changing room with him), we were discussing parents’ evening, which is fast approaching.  And while he’s doing well at school, I’m under no illusion that my youngest enormous offspring is any sort of an angel.  I did ask him, somewhat nervously, what I was to expect at parents’ evening.

He’s obviously been giving it considerable thought: ‘well I’m going to skip the RE teacher completely, then start you with my biology teacher, Miss C, who hates us all… then I’m going to make sure the appointments are in the order of how well I’m doing and ending at my drama teacher Mr G, who is a legend and who absolutely loves me.  By the time he’s finished, you’ll waft out of the door and won’t even remember the others.

Then I thought we could go to Tesco and buy you some wine’.

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  1. Taffys Mum
    Taffys Mum says:

    I just snorted my cup of tea out my nose. Good job I didn’t read this last night….it would have been a waste of my Barbados rum ;)

    He is one smart cookie that one :D


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