A chocolate cake of epic proportions for the Prof’s 18th birthday


Firstly, can I just point out that GOD, I’M REALLY OLD.  My firstborn baby boy – my blue eyed, blonde haired, chatty little charmer – is 18 next month.

I won’t gush on too much, but I’m immensely proud of him.  He’s grown into a bloody lovely, slightly enormous and very gangly fella – funny, kind and still capable of squeezing the life out of his Mum with a single hug.  He has a beautiful and very sweet girlfriend and is working really hard in the sixth form.  For his birthday, we’re taking his whole gang of friends for a big go-karting tournament at Rogue Racing in Aylesbury, then it’s back to our house for drinkies and food.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know that generally the birthday person gets to choose what kind of cake they have.  Over the last few years this has manifested itself into a ‘pick the most difficult cake that you possible can to really piss Mum off’ challenge.  There have been requests for Black Forest Gateaux, double chocolate cheesecakes and all sorts of weirdness.  This time, though, I know exactly what kind of cake I want to make him: an enormous, chocolate extravaganza the like of which you’ve never seen before.  It started when my Twitter friend Bee, who lives in Belgium and is a fabulous baker, gave me an amazingly rich and chocolatey bundt cake recipe.  I started thinking how nice it would be layered up – maybe with ganache and possibly some of Nigella’s salted caramel sauce (if you made it thick enough).  And then I saw this picture on Pinterest:

Chocolate cake from Pinterest


… and we all got chatting about it on Facebook and then another friend, lovely Caitriona from Wholesome Ireland (incidentally a very good read on eating well on a budget) said ‘ooh, you could use Caramel KitKats’, and our imaginations all got the better of us and soon we were all imagining chocolate cakes of ridiculous proportions covered in all manner of confectionary…

So that’s my germ of an idea – basically, as another friend noted, a tooth-aching stack of sugar requiring a mid-scoff insulin injection.  But hey, you’re only 18 once, right?  What do you think?

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  1. Julie Wood
    Julie Wood says:

    I might just copy that excellent idea, but not for my monsters 18th… perhaps I will just leave the pic as a clue for him to make for my birthday!
    ***Jumps awake with reality check… second thoughts; he managed to download a Tesco value Mothers Day card, so wishful thinking.

  2. AndyD
    AndyD says:

    He is indeed a lovely chap, I wish him the brightest of futures. We both have impending 18 year olds (Kelly in July) and whilst it is tres scary, it’s also kinda nice to have a child old enough to have a beer/glass of wine with!

  3. Mrs Worthington
    Mrs Worthington says:

    DO IT! Once did something similar for daughter with a Gordon Ramsey recipe with maltesers, mini Jaffa too.


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