The Harlem Globetrotters are back in business!

When I was little, my Dad used to regale us with stories of the time he went to see the Harlem Globetrotters.  If you’re not familiar with the name, they’re a basketball team – but not just any old basketball team – an exhibition basketball team who are clever, funny and really entertaining.  My Dad’s favourite was Meadowlark Lemon, the ‘Clown Prince’ of basketball, who seemed to do more messing about than actual playing… apparently he watched one game where the team the Globetrotters were playing eventually gave up trying to play by the second half and ended up just joining in the fun, which included ‘weighted’ balls, buckets of water and all sorts of other nonsense.

At some stages in their history, the team played competitively and were very good – now it’s more about the show, and they’re even more entertaining than ever.  Next year, they are about to embark on an epic world tour, so grab some Harlem Globetrotters tickets and join in with the fun!

New stars include ‘TNT’ Maddox, the first female Globetrotter since 1993, and ‘Big Easy’ Lofton, weighing in at 250lb and standing 6 feet 9 inches tall!

The Globetrotters start the UK leg of their tour on March 25th at the Birmingham NEC and then perform at various stadiums, including London, Aberdeen, Sheffield and Cardiff until 2nd April.  Buy tickets here.