Optical Express laser treatment – changing my life forever

Me looking slightly like Jonny Depp’s Willy Wonka after my treatment

I’ve worn glasses since I was about 12.  I’ve never taken to contact lenses and have spent probably thousands of pounds over the years on glasses, prescription sunglasses and goggles.

Imagine my amazement then when an email dropped into my inbox offering me laser eye surgery.

Turns out, to celebrate their 21st birthday, Optical Express have launched ‘Team 21′, which basically means they’re paying for 21 bloggers/influences, including me, and one lucky competition winner to have laser eye treatment. I’m not ashamed to say I had a little cry. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

First step on my journey was to pop over to Milton Keynes, my nearest branch, for a consultation including various checks and to give Trevor, my very friendly Optometrist, a jolly good grilling: how many times have you seen it go wrong? (none)… How many people don’t end up with 20/20 vision? Who do you turn down? Will it hurt? What if my vision’s not perfect? All that sort of stuff. He had good answers for everything (Optical Express have great results and state of the art equipment) and, bless him, he even went to search out research that I asked for, and drew me diagrams to explain bits that I didn’t understand.

Weirdly, as I was on holiday the week before my treatment, I became very aware of my glasses: the fact that I changed from my normal glasses to my prescription sunglasses and back a hundred times a day and that I did it so often that it had become second nature (another bonus, then, is that I’ll get to choose new sunglasses too). The morning of my treatment, I put my glasses on for the last time, and really savoured the moment. I was nervous, but so excited with thoughts whirling round in my head about buying new mascara, and maybe having my hair cut into a fringe (I know, vain) now people will finally see my eyes.

The actual surgery was so quick, I found it difficult to explain to people afterwards. I have vague images of chatting away with the lovely surgeon and nurses, a milky red pulsing light and a sensation of pressure, and it was all over. I kept my eyes shut all the way home, as directed, to ease the discomfort of the anaesthetic wearing off. When it did, it was similar to chopping onions… Burny and a bit stingy and my eyes watered a little and were very sensitive to light. I had a couple of hours’ sleep and found that I was left with a mild gritty sensation. By 6pm I was watching TV and absent mindedly trying to push my imaginary glasses back up into position, as I’ve done a million times before.

This morning at my check up (you have checks at one day, one week, a month and finally three months) I had a little cry. Turns out my eyes aren’t just 20/20, but BETTER than 20/20.  Already my life has changed forever… It really is wide screen, glorious technicolour and high definition… But I still have more questions: will those little dents either side of the bridge of my nose ever disappear?

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